Bearing Point is a consultancy firm that services a wide range of (government) organizations. For instance, BearingPoint helped implementing the Dutch tax system in the Netherlands Antilles

BearingPoint’s question.

BearingPoint’s website is very dynamic. New features are developed, and new content is published on regular basis. De website consists of multiple custom plug-ins. Developing and maintaining these plug-ins is quite complex and resources are limited.

Our solution

Internet by Steenkuyl supports BearingPoint’s engineers with developing custom features and maintaining the website environment. Internet by Steenkuyl services BearingPoint by deploying front and back-end developers (PhP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS).

Hans Steenkuyl, Owner Internet by Steenkuyl about this project:

“It’s great to work together with a company that thinks alike. This makes communication between both companies quite easy. We work for the Caribbean division most of the time. The distance between us and BearingPoint is not an obstacle. We communicate mostly through Skype and JIRA to solve issues. We’re proud to service such a great organization!”.