Internet by Steenkuyl

Internet by Steenkuyl, situated in Ede, a small village in the Netherlands, was founded by Hans Steenkuyl and has been operational for more than a decade. Hans is a devoted programmer, but also a true internet entrepreneur with a keen eye for the latest trends in software development. During the company’s existence Internet by Steenkuyl has grown into a full-fledged company with an enthusiastic team of senior developers. Together they develop interesting custom software solutions, websites, web shops, games and apps.

What services does Internet by Steenkuyl provide?

Our team of developers specializes in custom software solutions which are served though internet or intranet environments. Also, we develop websites, web shop solutions, mobile apps, managed and secure hosting and games. Our developers are very passionate about the developers trade. Through this passion they study all the latest trends and are often titled as pioneers when it comes to implementing the newest techniques. Our solutions are built on the latest insights, without compromising reliability. Our company stands for innovation: Innovation in knowledge, technique and the way we work.

Why choose Internet by Steenkuyl?

We believe that, if you want to grow as a person and as a company, you have to share. That’s why founder Hans Steenkuyl co-founded the knowledge-platform “” together with four other companies. The companies that contribute in this platform distinguish themselves by excelling in their particular field of expertise. These expertises are design, multimedia development, on-line marketing, web content and content creation, communications and project management.

Through the we can make use of each others expertise. That’s why we reside in the “” building. The great advantage for you as our client is that you can use a single point of contact. This makes us different from a full-service internet agency. Most of the time, a full-service agency has a general understanding of all the components that are necessary for an on-line product to work. With the, every component is dealt with by a company that not only specializes itself in this particular component, but is one of the best in their field of expertise. Furthermore all of our participants know about running a company. This means they understand your needs as an entrepreneur or manager

Contacting Internet by Steenkuyl

Would you like to offer us a chance to amaze you? Feel free to contact us directly through +31(0)88-0043636 or send us an e-mail at